E-Course - Chapter 3: Are you really there where you should be?

Today we present the chapter number 3 from the E-Course “6 simple steps to succeed using your strengths”.

Have you missed the chapter 2? Here you can access to it: Chapter 2: What are your strengths?

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We question ourselves many times in our live: I am really doing what I should be doing?

Bear in mind that the answer to this question is really difficult. Otherwise, everybody would be always happy and fully satisfied with what they are doing. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Since we are kids, the society imposes us things: the subjects we must study at school, the social events in which we participate, the cultural constraints that we have to adapt to...

In many cases, a person ends up doing what is supposed to be the right thing to do, instead of what this person can do best.

This might work in the short term, but it usually turns in personal frustrations in the long term.

It’s time to think about this and find out whether you must take action.

So, do the following things:

• Now that you know your strengths, identify in which life situations you are applying them. Are you really taking the maximum benefit from those (at work, in your social relationships)?

Look at those people around you that seem to be always happy with what they are doing. What do they do to be always like this? Can you recognize that they apply constantly their strengths?

• In the last month, how many times have you dreamed of doing something different? What was that you dreamed about?

Please take the time to answer these questions, because they will be the base for the next chapter.

In the next chapter we will be looking at finding out where you can fully apply your strengths.

Download Chapter 3 in PDF