E-Course - Chapter 4: Find where to apply your strengths!

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lf you reached this point of the e-course, it’s probably because you are looking for some change in your life. In this case, keep reading.

The most probable situation is that until now you have found out that you are not doing in a daily basis those tasks that fully satisfy you.

Don’t worry, this is the most common situation for everybody, and we will be giving you now a solution.

This chapter is all about finding out those places where you can perform at your best.

If you remember the first chapter’s example, when we talked about John, we described John as a very social person, with problems at work because of his extreme social behaviors.

But if you think for a while, you would probably imagine John as a very successful person in a job where direct contact with people is really important and where a good first impression is key to succeed.

For sure, he must look for a job which needed skills go in this direction.

Now, to not remain at a global level and enter into details, do the following things:

List your strongest strengths, following what you have built in the previous chapters.

Rank them starting by you strongest strengths.

• Forget about your weaknesses. We focus now only on your strengths.

• Make a brainstorming and associate to each of this points those places in which you could be using them, at work and outside work.

• For this brainstorming you should be realistic, searching things that you can access somehow. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to dream. Many times dreams are really closer than what we think.

At the end of this chapter you should have a clear idea of what you could be doing to apply your strongest strengths.

We are close to having great results for you. Don’t miss the next chapter. We will take action!

Download Chapter 4 in PDF

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