E-Course - Chapter 5: Take action. Fix SMART objectives.

When talking about changes, in theory everything seems to be pretty simple. But then, in practice, it’s really difficult to change things.

This is normal, as we are human beings, and even if some people have more self-control than others, every habit change requires a lot of effort.

Fortunately, there are some tools to help us with this. One of the most effective one is to establish SMART goals.

The word SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time based.

This tool might sound really theoretic, but you’ll see with an example that it's really effective and powerful.

Think about John, from the previous example. After seeing that he is not doing those tasks where he can perform at his best, he wants to search a new job where he can apply his social skills that in his current job don’t help him at all.

A SMART goal for him would be, for example:

"Search this week three companies in the same sector which are looking for people with IT experience".

This goal is clearly SMART:

• Specific: same sector, IT experience.
• Measurable: three companies. No more, no less.
• Achievable: of course, it is possible to do this.
• Relevant: it is the first step for John to start changing something.
• Time based: this week. No later!

Now it’s your turn: based on the places you defined in the previous chapter, where you can apply your strongest strengths, define your SMART goals, to achieve these objectives.

We are close to the end, but don’t miss the last chapter, where you’ll learn the secret to make all this system work.