E-Course - Chapter 6: Keep the wheel turning.

Today we present the last chapter of the E-Course “6 simple steps to succeed using your strengths”.

Have you missed the previous chapter? Here you can access to it: Chapter 5: Take action. Fix SMART objectives.

Even if the methodology that we gave you it is really simple to follow and can change your life, this last point is the most important one, and also the most simple to explain.

All your efforts will be useless if you only define and apply ONE SMART goal. You must be doing this constantly to change your life in the direction that really satisfies you.

The trick is to keep the wheel turning. This means, to turn the process described in the first five points in a daily routine for you, by doing it again and again.

Keep turning the wheel and you will realize in short time that you will be really satisfied in your life, by doing what you are the best at.

We really hope to have helped you with this e-course.

We would love to hear from you. Have you applied what we just described? How did it go?

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