How can I get more students?

One of the most frequent question that we receive in Quisapit is: “How can I get more students?”

This article summarizes the 3 best practices that you can implement to get more students and sell more classes in Quisapit.

1. Create a great profile

Don’t forget that to sell classes you need to sell yourself as teacher. Invest enough time in creating a complete and eye-catching profile.

Imagine yourself looking for a class. Wouldn't you like to know about the instructor before purchasing classes?

Describe in detail your background, experiences and teaching skills.

Also, we highly recommend you to link to your public profiles of your social networks. Bear in mind that the tendency of many people nowadays is to learn about you from your social networks.

Finally, to give trust to the students, it’s really important that you upload a clear picture from you. People like to see that there are real people behind a nice profile description.

It will be very difficult for you to sell classes if you don’t have a photo from you.

2. Make your classes look exceptional

Use all available fields to describe your classes. Take into account that a great class includes:

• Attractive title and subtitle
• A detail description of what you teach in your classes and the methods that you use
• A short video where you describe the content of your classes
• Samples of the material that you will be using in your lessons

On top of this, we highly recommend you to give the first lesson for free. You should consider this as an investment to get more lessons and not at all as a cost. Take into account that many students will need this trial before paying for your classes.

3. Make noise

Share your classes in the social networks: this is a really easy one. Once you have published your classes, simply click on the social buttons and let the world know that you are ready to teach!

Subscribe to events, forums, … and announce there your classes.

Word of mouth: let your friends know about Quisapit and that you teach through this platform. Ask your friends to tell their friends, and their friends, …

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need additional information.