What are the teachers service fees?

Fee that applies only when selling classes

When a student purchases a class, the payment is received firstly by Quisapit. Later, within 24 hours after the class takes place, Quisapit will pay to the teacher the cost of the class minus the Quisapit service fee. This fee represent 20% of the value of the class and it is used to cover the payment platform costs in the payment to the teachers as well as part of the maintenance costs of the website. This fee is applied on the base price of the classes.

For example:
If a teacher sells 5 hours of classes at 20 € / hour, Quisapit will pay to this teacher, for each of the 5 classes:

20 € (base price of each class)
- 20% of 20 = 4 € (teacher fee)
= 20 € (total)

To guarantee high teaching quality Quisapit will pay to the teachers each class individually within 24 hours after the class takes please.
The payment will be done via PayPal, so as a teacher you will need to have a PayPal account (PayPal). The first time that you are going to receive a payment, if do not have a PayPal account yet, you will receive an e-mail indicating you how to configure your account.

Quisapit subscription fee - first year free

The first year to teach in Quisapit is totally free. Afterwards, to continue teaching you are submitted to pay a subscription. The price of this subscription varies depending on the time of subscription. Longer subscriptions have more attractive prices.

* 1st year: free
* 6 months subscription: 60 €
* 1 year subscription: 100 €
* 2 years subscription: 170 €

As teacher, you do not have any commitment with us. Besides there is not automatic subscription.

Some days before your subscription will be finished you will receive a notification to offer you to purchase your subscription. The decision will be only yours.