What is a Quisapit?

what is a quisapit

How many times you've bougth a course that looked really interesting but finally it wasn't exactly what you were looking for?

How long have you spent searching videos and webpages to learn something specific, and you "almost" find it, but it's never exactly what you need?

What is Quisapit 2

Why do you have to pay for a whole English course, if what you need is just to improve the constructions with the past tenses?

In most cases we don't need a huge course about something. We simply want or need to learn something specific.

What is a Quisapit 3

A Quisapit is a solution for this:
It's a class or a group of online classes, live, given by a qualified instructor, who will teach you in an individual and personalized way exactly what you need.

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