Acerca del instructor:
Ciao a tutti! This is Alessia :) An energic and passionate teacher of Italian. I have been teaching in Russia, Latvia, Ukraine and Malta, but it wasn't enough! I wanted to teach from everywhere in the world, that's why I started teaching online! My hobbies are photography, my lovely dogs, reading books and knitting :) I know, it sounds super old, but it's just time for me. Apart from this, I travel quite often since my boyfriend is Finnish and we meet in different part Europe. I run a blog ( where you can find tips, advices and free resources: take a look and let me know your opinions! I have started teaching italian in 2009 to absolute beginners, therefore I have collected a lot of useful material in different languages. I can speak English, Russian and Spanish. It means that I can deliver lessons in all these three languages, even if I try to use Italian as much as I can since the very beginning. During my lessons, I always put together a bit of grammar, listening and speaking and I leave writing as homework for you. Since all these skills are important, I use realia and authentic materials for all my lessons.
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