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Bina Kapoor

Acerca del instructor:
Enabling students is my passion. I manage to get them out of the scare of the topic by helping them make observations and get the pattern of the working of concept. I've been teaching English in India for more than a decade and a half and I've managed to get published for children's fiction ( 6 -10 years), academic books (English Course books & Workbooks for Primary Classes) & Teachers' manuals. I'm best known for getting my students out of the writer's block and the scare of grammar. My wish is always to help them develop a 'how_to_understand_English - mind' and get on a course of strengthening their self-expression. More about me later.... Buzz me up if you'd like to enjoy picking up or getting better at English reading, comprehension and creative writing skills. I'll be trying my best to get you to handle it all independently......See you soon!
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