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Hello My name is Blanca, I come from a small town at the north in Spain called Miranda de Ebro, I studied my degree in the beautiful city of Salamanca, and actually I am living in Edinburgh, Scotland where I have been for more than 3 years teaching Spanish to the scots and to everyone who wants to learn it. My background is quite wide, as I work with all sorted of people my youngest student is 2 years and my oldest 63. I have experience in one to one lessons, workshops for children and to train people who wants to become a Spanish teacher, corporate lessons and small groups, since last year I run courses to help people to get the Spanish as a second language cetificate (D.E.L.E.). I am passionate about my culture and language and I want you to be passionate as well, learning a language should not be hard, it should be a pleasant and enjoyable journey, that is why I try to make my lessons , I always start the lesson with a review of what we saw the lesson , then we usually see some grammar, never in the boring way, normally through practical examples or games, I usually a lot of resources, exercises, audios, videos..all of them will be given to you after the lesson so you can keep practising , come on and join me in your Spanish learning journey, do you dare? Either if you are looking to learn Spanish to travel, for business, or just to have a new experiences, I promise you will not regret it, we will tailor the perfect lesson for you. My accent is quite neutral and I do not speak very fast so is perfect for beginners! Looking forward to meeting you all and get it started! Un abrazo Blanca
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