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Federico Alejandro

Imagen de Federico Alejandro
Acerca del instructor:
I'm a professional in linguistics and literature that also has passion for the arts and education. I live in Cartagena De Indias, Colombia. So I have a great experience in language teaching thanks to the touristic impact of my town. My services include teaching lessons and help with assignments and tutoring in Spanish, English and French languages, as well any help with redaction /style correction of argumentative essays or papers. I have experience in teaching Spanish, English and also French in different institutions where I live here in Cartagena, Colombia, I have experience with students from different range of ages and cultures, from kids to adults, as well thanks to my professional education in Linguistic and Literature i have great management of issues requiring correction of style and redaction of papers and works . I have experience in different courses concerning the language teaching and I have an empathetic attitude towards people and education. my methodologies consist in knowing your needs and then we plan a course bases in different topics and stages, of if you ask for help with redaction or correction of the structure of your texts and papers in any of the current languages, we can also manage some meetings for developing your work.
Member for: 7 años 1 mes